Interior Cleaning Services

Maintain a vibrant interior with periodic cleaning of chandeliers, ceiling fans, window blinds, screens, skylights, mirrors, lights, showers, removal of hard water stains, dusting high reaching areas, and more.

Chandelier & Indoor Light Cleaning

Chandeliers can bring light and beauty to any room but as you may know their intricate design, fragile pieces, and height can make them dust havens and difficult to clean. No chandelier of any size, shape, material, or height is out of Imperial’s reach.

Interior High Dusting

Do you have lot of dust and cobwebs on your cathedral ceilings, post and beams, or maybe on top of your kitchen cabinets? Call Imperial Window Cleaning to rid your home of dust, dander, pollen, and pet hair. And say goodbye to those pesky allergens.

Blind and Screen Cleaning Services

Mini and vertical blinds are a convenient addition to any window, but face it, they’re dust havens and potential harbors for allergens. Imperial Window Cleaning can thoroughly clean your blinds to like new.

Types of blinds cleaned:
  • Faux woods blinds
  • Mini blinds
  • Natural wood blinds
  • Shutters
  • Venetian or Persian blinds
  • Vertical blinds

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

When was the last time your ceiling fans were cleaned?

Ceiling fans often get overlooked in a daily cleaning because they are too high, you may have to move heavy furniture to access them and you need the right equipment on hand. While we are cleaning your windows or power washing your home have your ceiling fans cleaned and rest assured you aren’t breathing in the dust on your ceiling fan!

Mirror Cleaning

Bring back the beauty of your mirrors.

There’s nothing like a clean and sparkling mirror to accentuate your home gym or any other room that contains any type of mirrored wall. Regular cleaning can still leave oily residue and streaks. Imperial Window Cleaning will bring back the sparkle in your mirrors… streak free!

Spider Web & Cobweb Removal

There is nothing quite as alarming as when you look up and see a spider dangling close to your head. At Imperial Window Cleaning, we know that getting rid of these pesky cobwebs and their inhabitants can not only be problematic but also a stressful experience. Fortunately, we offer spider web removal that will allow you to take back your home!


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